What are sliding head lathes?

CNC Sliding Head Lathes, also known as Swiss Auto lathes, were first designed for producing precision watch parts and other precision engineered components within exceptionally close geometric tolerances.

The specialist technology behind sliding head lathes involves a bar being fed through the CNC machine's headstock and being grasped by a collet, supporting the bar by a guide bush arrangement which provides fantastic precision turning.

Sliding head technology can suit various turn / mill parts up to a maximum diameter of 42mm and Star machines can be configured for producing miniature prismatic components or shafts in excess of 2m.

Star machines also have the capability to operate unattended overnight which significantly reduces cycle times and cost per part.

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Star GB Sliding Head Lathes

Our sliding head lathe range

ST Series

The ST Series with its 12 programmable axes is our flagship triple turret series designed for complex parts up to 42mm in diameter.

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SV Series

The SV Series offers users balanced turning and milling capability in guide bush / non guide bush mode up to 42mm in diameter.

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SW Series

The SW Series offers significantly reduced cycle times due to its opposed twin platen arrangement and 8-station back working attachment.

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SR Series

The SR Series is Star's most popular range, providing exceptional performance and versatility up to a maximum diameter of 42mm.

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SB Series

The SB Series is Star's entry-level range offering impressive machining versatility within a compact footprint.

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