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For over 40 years, LNS have learnt the best ways to design conveyors for maximum productivity and dependable trouble free operation. All of the conveyors are tailored to suit the machine and customer needs.


LNS Turbo HB Conveyor

These robust conveyors are tailored to the machine size, horse power, and processing ability. There are also a wide range of belts to maximise swarf removal and coolant drainage.

The HB is best choice for coarse and stringy swarf applications, where filtration is not essential to machining quality. In addition to saving labour and reducing costly machine downtime the conveyor protects the machine tool from blockages.

  • Minimum of two wiper cleats as standard to keep the frame free of swarf.
  • Maximises your productivity by enabling a lights out operation.
  • Variable speed control enables you to alter the speed depending on the application.
  • All belt rollers and pins are hardened for durability.
  • The additional air header directs a stream of compressed air to free swarf that could adhere to the frame due to sticky coolant.
  • The additional chip stripper bar grabs bushy or stringy swarf and rips them free of the belt before they are carried back into the conveyor frame.


LNS Turbo MH Conveyor

The MH conveyor handles any type of swarf shape and material while providing filtered coolant. There is a single drive motor to power the conveyor and the self-cleaning filter function to ensure maximum efficiency. In addition to reduced power consumption, the self-cleaning filtration helps maximise the coolant life, reducing the frequency of coolant tank clean outs and thus reducing the disposal costs of hazardous coolant liquids.

  • Extends coolant life, coolant pump life, and improves coolant quality to the cutting area.
  • Self-cleaning filtration reduces maintenance, machine down time and non-productive labour costs.
  • Flexible design for various flow rates and can be upgraded by fitting finer filter boxes.
  • Maximises your sliding head lathe’s productivity by running a lights out operation.


LNS Microfine Conveyor

Thanks to its two-storey conveyor concept: a hinge belt above of a scraper belt, the Microfine Conveyor is designed to remove all chip shapes made of different material and provide superior filtration down to 50μ.

The upper conveyor is a hinge belt type removing larger chips trapped in the conveyor.

The upper conveyor separated heavy chip load from the filtration drum. Ideal for multiple material applications, including material chunks, stringy, bushy, and large chips. Also for heavy chip loads from today’s advanced machining techniques. Lower conveyor is a scraper-type, ideal for removal of small particles carries through the upper conveyor. Fines trapped by the filer drummer are deposited on the incline.

The self-cleaning filter drum provides particle-free coolant to 50μ for the most demanding tooling applications. Extends coolant life tooling life for cost-saving operation.

This conveyor is the best choice for mixed shape chips, mixed material, plastic and filtration to 50μ. The filtration device is a sealed nylon filter drum with reliable heavy duty viton seal.