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ExoMist HPM is a range of high performance mist extraction systems developed to enhance safety, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption on various machining applications.

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What is Exomist?

Designed to handle various machining applications associated with considerable amounts of oil mist, ExoMist systems deliver multi-stage filtration to ensure a cleaner production environment.

Offering unique Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology, the ExoMist system integrates seamlessly with your Star sliding head lathe for maximum efficiency, lower energy consumption and ultimate safety for your operators.

The benefits of ExoMist

Offering unique VFD technology, exceptional performance oil mist extraction and low energy consumption, the ExoMist is the system of choice amongst manufacturers.

Machine tool

Low energy

LED status

Simple to

Easy to move with
lockable castors


Three optional
inlet positions

Duplex bottle storage
or return to tank

The ExoMist range

The ExoMist range includes the HPM1000-VPD for typical machining use and the HPM2000-VFD for heavy duty applications.

See the ExoMist in action

Jamie from Filtration Service Engineering explains the unique benefits of the Exomist unit when interfaced with Star sliding head lathes.