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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will sliding head technology suit our components?

Sliding head technology can suit various turn / mill parts up to a maximum diameter of 42mm. Star machines can be configured for producing miniature prismatic components or shafts in excess of 2m, our Sales engineers can advise on component suitability.

Will sliding head technology suit my volumes?

Sliding head technology can suit large and small volume production. The machines are quick and easy to set as tooling is often common to many applications.

Will sliding head technology reduce my cycle times?

Cycle times are often reduced as the cutting tools are positioned very close to the workpiece which reduces non-cutting "idle" time. In addition, all our machines are equipped with sub-spindles which allows operations to be "overlapped" further reducing the cycle time.

Star regularly support our customers with further reducing their cycle times to help maximise their productivity and profits.

Do I need ground bar?

No, "bright" bar manufactured to a H9 tolerance is generally acceptable. For material that can't be supplied to an H9 tolerance such as Aluminium or Titanium Star GB can supply alternative work-holding systems.

Will sliding head technology improve the quality of our components?

Sliding head technology produces high-quality components within exceptionally close geometric tolerances.

Will sliding head technology improve our efficiency?

Sliding head machines require minimal operator intervention once the machine has been set and programmed. This combined with the speed, power and various tooling configurations available on a Star machine can improve the efficiency of a machining facility. In addition, Star machines are able to run 'lights out' - essentially increasing profitability during unmanned working hours.

Can Star help us identify the ideal machine?

Star GB have a network of Area Sales Managers positioned throughout the UK and Eire who are highly trained in identifying the ideal machine for your requirements. An ASM would be happy to visit your facility to evaluate your existing machining methods and make recommendations on which Star machine would help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about our ASM network here.

Can Star GB supply layout / floor plan drawings?

Yes, Star GB can supply PDF or CAD drawings of the whole machine and barfeed assembly including any accessories.

What foundation do I need for my machine?

Star machines must be installed on a solid, level concrete floor at least 30cm thick which has been laid at least two months prior to machine installation. If the floor is not completely level, Star GB can provide alternative machine feet. Machines cannot be placed on tiled, wooden or metal surfaces.

Can I use soluble coolant?

Yes, Star machines can work with soluble coolant or neat cutting oil. Most users adopt cutting oil which improves surface finish and often tool life.

How do I prepare for machine installation?

Machine installations require electrical power and an air supply to be set up by the customer prior to your commissioning date. Star GB recommend a local isolation box close to the machine and a 10mm air supply pipe direct from the main source. Customers must provide a qualified electrician to connect the power to the transformer on the day of commissioning.

Why do sliding head machines use cutting oil?

Cutting oil increases tool life, improves surface finish and extends the service life of a majority of internal components.

What cutting oils will my machine require?

Star machines can accept any chlorine free, non-synthetic oil. We recommend STAR 12 or STAR 22 from our oil partner Trent Lubricants. Star will be able to advise which oil is best suited to your application.

Are Star machines difficult to program?

No, Star machines are easy to program using Fanuc G code system combined with Star specific commands which simplifies the program format. Star offer programming software and regular programming classes at our Derby facility.

Learn more about Star programmer training here.

What is NC Assist?

Star's NC Assist software is a template-driven text editor tailored to suit Star machines. It provides a simple conversational interface allowing CNC programs to be generated quickly and easily. With support for many new and older Star models, NC Assist is the ideal addition for programmers of all skill levels to produce accurate programs with the minimal of inputs.

Learn more about NC Assist here.

Do you offer a trial of NC Assist?

Yes, a 30-day free trial of NC Assist can be downloaded on our NC Assist page here.

What is HFT?

Star GB’s HFT (High Frequency Turning) software is the ideal addition to increase machine efficiency on difficult-to-chip materials. The software enables intermittent cutting on any linear axis which breaks up "stringy" swarf into more manageable, smaller chips.

Learn more about HFT here.

What is SMOOSS-i

SMOOSS-i (Star Monitoring & Operator Support System) is a web-based application allowing users to remotely monitor machine status, part count, production rate and history on a range of devices.

Learn more about SMOOSS-i here.

Can Star offer training at our site?

Yes, Star GB can offer on-site training courses on any of our current or previous model range.

Learn more about our training courses here.

How many engineers can Star train at our site?

Three trainees is the ideal number for operator / setter training.

How long will it take for a Star engineer to respond to my queries?

Our service and applications engineers are available to speak to every (work) day between 8:00am and 8:00pm.

How often do my machine and bar feed need to be serviced?

We advise that your Star machine and FMB bar feed are serviced every 12 months. Regular servicing helps to keep your equipment in optimal condition.

Learn more about our service contracts here.

Can I order spares directly through Star?

Yes, Star GB stock a wide range of spares at our facility in Derby and also have access to a number of other regional headquarters located within Europe to ensure a fast delivery time. We have a dedicated spares department with in-depth knowledge of Star machinery to help advise which spare parts are applicable to your machine.

Learn more about our spares department here and view our spares department contacts here.

Do I have to use spares authorised by Star?

No, you may use spares sourced from third party suppliers, however we cannot guarantee the quality or compatibility with your Star machine. While we make every effort to ensure your machine is running at its full potential, we cannot help with problems which may arise from using incorrect spares.

Can I order collets & guide bushes directly from Star?

Yes, Star GB stock a comprehensive range of collets and guide bushes at our facility in Derby.