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Machine Servicing

Service Contracts

Servicing from Star GB includes a full service on both the Star lathe and FMB barfeeder. Any machine faults will be rectified (where possible) and a full report on the machinery condition including necessary remedial work and recommended parts will be provided.

Additional checks completed during the machine service are as follows:

  • Check general machine and barfeed condition
  • Change APC batteries
  • Check machine safety features
  • Check servo motor and ball screws
  • Check condition of drive belts
  • Check FMB functions and operation
  • Check coolant, pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Check electrical cabinet filters
  • Check oil condition, level and filters
  • Check FMB clutch system

Parts ordered post service report will be subject to a 10% discount.

Remedial work carried out post service report will be subject to a 5% discount.

Machine Support

Machine Alignment

Star GB stock an "alignment kit" for each model of machine in our range. The alignment kit consists of two or three cases of precision ground jigs that allow "factory settings" to be restored quickly and easily.

The alignment kits are usually shipped into the customer the day before the service engineer arrives. Depending on the severity of the "accident", the service engineer can have the machine aligned in a matter of hours.

Once the re-alignment is complete and the machine has been handed back to the customer, Star GB will then arrange for the cases to be collected from site.

Machine Assistance

Star GB is completely focused on offering “best in class” customer support. Indeed our engineers will be happy to take your calls way beyond the normal working hours as we understand machines tend to go wrong at the worst possible time.

Rest assured our experienced staff will have your machine up and running as soon as possible with minimal disruption to your business.