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Revolutionary Swarf Control Software

Star GB’s HFT (High Frequency Turning) software is the ideal solution to increase machine efficiency on difficult-to-chip materials. HFT software enables intermittent cutting on any linear axis which breaks up "stringy" swarf into more manageable, smaller chips.

HFT is designed as a retrofit solution for older Star machinery that is incompatible with the more advanced Step Cycle Pro air-cut technology.

Watch HFT in action

HFT Benefits

  • Can be used in conjunction with FANUC’s canned cycles
  • Can be used on any linear axis
  • Can be used for profile turning (with tool nose radius compensation)
  • Can easily be added to any program with two additional lines of code
  • Can be retrofitted (machine model and CNC control dependent)
  • Increased productivity with less operator intervention
  • Extended tool life
  • Lower machining temperatures
  • Reduced risk of built-up edge
  • Suitable for difficult-to-chip materials including aluminium, inconel, stainless steel, copper, plastic, etc.

Watch HFT in action

HFT Machining Geometries

Star GB's HFT software is suitable for a range of machining techniques including Z-axis, X-axis, Y-axis, taper, arc and drilling - and can be easily enabled or disabled. Please click on a machining type to see more details.

HFT is available on...

Star GB's HFT software is compatible with all machines in our current range and the majority of our previous generation models. HFT is the only software of its type which can be retrofitted, allowing new and existing customers to benefit from Star GB's revolutionary chip-breaking technology.

Many Star models produced from 2022 onwards are compatible with the more advanced Step Cycle Pro air-cut technology.

Current machine series

Previous Generation Machines

16MM Machines

  • SB-16II Type E
  • 20MM Machines

  • SB-20E
  • SR-20J - F18iTB
  • SR-20J Type N - F18iTB
  • SR-20RII
  • SR-20RIII
  • SV-20
  • 32MM Machines

  • SR-32J - F18iTB
  • SR-32J Type N - F18iTB
  • SV-32
  • SV-32J
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