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Star GB FMB Micromag Barloader up to 18mm

The FMB Micromag 20 magazine bar feeder suits bars diameters 0.8mm up to 23mm.

The bar feed pusher is servo controlled and remains behind the material at all times enabling stable processing of small diameter bars. In addition to the magazine storage rack, the Micromag bar feed is fitted with a pilgrim step separation device. This device can easily be lifted into position and allows very small diameter bars to be separated on the storage unit and “stepped” into the guide channel during the bar loading routine. For larger diameter bars the pilgrim separation device can be lowered and the bars can be stored on the magazine rack as normal. The bar feed also includes a steady device, the steady accepts plastic guide jaws selected to support the material being processed.

Star GB FMB Micromag Barloader up to 18mm


DIAMETER Diameter 0.8mm - 23mm
LENGTH Length 1.6M / 3.2M / 4.2M
CAPACITY Diameter 200mm


  • Easy to operate with removable pendant
  • Includes pilgrim step separation device for the optimum loading of very small diameter bars
  • Fast bar reload routine – bar change time 22 secs
  • Suitable for round or profiled material
  • Simple capacity set (guide channel) change over
  • Optional capacity sets: 5, 7, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23


Micromag 08-203415 (1.6M)5015 (3.2M)6015 (4.2M)
Star GB FMB Micromag up to 18mm - Dimensions

FMB Bar Feed Channel diagramThe channel is filled with oil from the storage tank. The rotation of the bar creates turbulence which keeps it the centre of the channel. The higher the rotation speed the better centralisation effect therefore the magazine will help the lathe to achieve optimum cutting conditions.