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Star FMB Turbo RS 3-38 Barfeed

The FMB Turbo RS 3-38 magazine bar feeder suits bars diameters 3mm up to 38mm and can be supplied to support bar lengths: 2.2, 3.2, 4.2 and 6.2m.

Featuring the innovative RS technology, the latest-generation FMB Turbo RS 3-38 bar feeder is connected to the lathe spindle by a movable guide module, eliminating the unsupported telescopic area between the barfeed and lathe. This is ideal for sliding head lathes that can be switched between guide bush and non-guide bush modes due to the optimal support offered by the guide module.

Star FMB Turbo RS 3-38 Barfeed


DIAMETER Diameter 3mm - 38mm
LENGTH Length 2.2M / 3.2M / 4.2M / 6.2M
CAPACITY Diameter 230mm


  • Improved support for both long and short bar stock lengths, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of bar vibrations or deflections during the machining processes.
  • Increased efficiency when converting from guide bush to non-guide bush mode as no switching device is necessary, saving setup time and improving productivity.
  • Features a rigid extruded aluminium base providing best-in-class vibration damping characteristics, leading to improved machining quality and reduced tool wear.
  • Enhanced reliability and easier maintenance through a simplified design with fewer components compared to traditional bar feeders.
  • The intuitive touch control with a generous 8.4" screen offers a user-friendly interface for efficient barfeed control.


Turbo RS 3-383295
FMB Turbo RS 3-38 - Dimensions