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What's included?

Servicing from Star GB includes a full service on both the Star lathe and FMB barfeeder. Any machine faults will be rectified (where possible) and a full report on the machinery condition including necessary remedial work and recommended parts will be provided.

Additional checks completed during the machine service are as follows:

  • Check general machine and barfeed condition
  • Change APC batteries
  • Check machine safety features
  • Check servo motor and ball screws
  • Check condition of drive belts
  • Check FMB functions and operation
  • Check coolant, pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Check electrical cabinet filters
  • Check oil condition, level and filters
  • Check FMB clutch system

Parts ordered post service report will be subject to a 10% discount.

Remedial work carried out post service report will be subject to a 5% discount.