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Star GB Open House 2019
Star GB are hosting our annual Open House from 8th - 10th October 2019 at our Technology Centre in Derby

Welcome to Star GB's 2019 Open House

Star GB's annual Open House is back for 2019 at our Technology Centre in Derby. This year we are hosting our biggest event yet - giving engineers insight into the very latest technology and software solutions in sliding head machining.

We welcome visitors from across the UK and Ireland to join us to experience an educational event packed with the latest innovations, expert knowledge and industry updates.

What's it about?

Visitors are invited to come to see Star’s latest sliding head technology in action, with live machining demonstrations across our range and the UK premiere of a new Star machine. The latest innovations in software including NC Assist, High Frequency Turning (HFT) and our new remote machine monitoring system - SMOOSS-i will also be on show.

With more of our trusted partners exhibiting than ever before, there will be a wide range of technology on display giving visitors all of the product, process and industry knowledge needed to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Who should attend?

If you're looking to expand your capabilities, improve your efficiency and maximise your profit - this is an event you cannot miss out on.

We encourage all types of visitors to join us whether you're a director, engineer, programmer, apprentice or simply have an interest in manufacturing. You don't need to own a Star machine to join us, nor do you have to be a sliding head user.

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Why Visit the Open House

Star GB's annual Open House is the ideal opportunity to learn about the latest breakthroughs in sliding head technology, discover new methods of maximising efficiency, become more competitive and increase profitability. It also provides an excellent networking platform where visitors can openly discuss ideas and insight with other businesses at various stages of their evolution.

The Latest Innovations

The Latest Innovations

Star GB will be demonstrating the very latest in sliding head technology alongside our suite of software solutions including NC Assist, HFT and SMOOSS-i. Our partners will be demonstrating a range of products including robotics, tooling, mist extraction and other ancillary products to suit Star machines.

Robotics & Automation

Robotics & Automation

Demonstrating the very latest in automation and machine utilisation, Fanuc will be at the Open House exhibiting a pick-and-place robot in conjunction with Renishaw's post-process gauging system.

Enhance Your Business

Enhance Your Business

With the manufacturing industry in the UK and Ireland thriving and becoming increasingly competitive, the Open House will give visitors the latest knowledge to remain at the forefront of the market. Visitors will witness the latest techniques to increase efficiency, expand profitability and futureproof their business.

Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

The Open House provides an opportunity to network with companies at various stages of their evolution - and the variety of visitors from directors and managers through to engineers and programmers allows a diverse platform to share insight, ideas, advice and success stories.

Meet Industry Experts

Meet Industry Experts

Star GB's team of service, applications and sales experts will be on hand throughout the event to meet with visitors, as well as representatives from a range of our industry partners providing various products and solutions to complement Star machines. Members from the BTMA will also be at the event.

Learn About Sliding Head

Learn About Sliding Head

The Open House is welcome to everyone, including visitors who don't already use sliding head technology. Our team will be available to introduce you to Star technology, answering any questions you may have and ensuring you have all of the information you need to consider implementing sliding head into your manufacturing.

What visitors say

We are always interested in what's on show at Star and the Open House gives us the opportunity to discuss machines and ancillary equipment which may be useful for future projects. Last year we had the chance to network with other sliding head users and took away some useful tooling information from a supplier we didn't use but now do!

Star's Open House is a well-prepared week in an excellent facility, full of the latest technology and useful exhibitors. We would definitely recommend visiting - you can find out a lot about what is going on in the industry from events like this.

Phil Smith - Wealdpark Limited

Machines on show at the open house

With a wide range of Star machines on display, alongside live demonstrations and expert advice from the Star team - our Open House event will give you all of the insight you need to maximise your machining performance and capacity. Having made its worldwide premiere at EMO Hannover, the powerful new SX-38 machine will be showcased for the first time in the UK at Star GB’s open house.

The new SX-38

The SX-38 is a versatile solution for machining complex mill-turn parts and combines some of the best features from the SV, ST and SR series.

Learn more

The ST-38 is Star's flagship model - an ideal sliding head solution for complex mill-turn parts within the 42mm diameter range.

Learn more
SR-38 Type A

The SR-38 Type A provides maximum functionality and capacity within a compact footprint - able to process material up to 42mm in NGB mode.

Learn more
SR-32JII Type A

The SR-32JII Type A sliding head lathe offers higher accuracy, higher rigidity and increased productivity than its predecessor, the ever popular SR-32J.

Learn more
SR-20RIV Type A

The SR-20RIV Type A provides exceptional performance and versatility within the 20mm class with the ability to mount up to 41 tools.

Learn more
SB-20R Type G

The SB-20R Type G offers impressive machining versatility within a compact footprint, able to switch between guide bush and non-guide bush mode.

Learn more

The SV-20R combines the fast processing ability of a traditional platen type sliding head lathe with the flexibility of a turret machine.

Learn more

The SW-12RII is a powerful, compact machine ideal for machining small diameter components both accurately and efficiently.

Learn more

The latest software solutions

Demonstrated live at the Open House will be our bespoke software solutions designed to complement your investment - ensuring that any company can maximise efficiency and increase their productivity.

Programming Utility

Star GB’s NC Assist software is a template-driven text editor tailored to suit Star machines. The software can run on all of the latest Windows platforms and provides users with a simple conversational interface to generate CNC programs.

High Frequency Turning

Star GB’s HFT (High Frequency Turning) software is the ideal addition to increase machine efficiency on difficult-to-chip materials. The software enables intermittent cutting on any linear axis, breaking up stringy swarf into smaller, more manageable chips.

Star Monitoring Support System

The Star Monitoring & Operator Support System is a web-based application which allows operators to remotely monitor their Star machines and other machine tools equipped with Fanuc CNC and FOCAS software via smart phone, tablet or PC.

Software Developments

HFT Demonstration

Prizes to be won at the Open House

Over the course of Star GB's Open House, we will be having a daily prize draw alongside our partners to give visitors the opportunity to win a number of exclusive prizes, as well as a chance to win a new Apple iPad for visitors who register for the event online.

Register your attendance online before the event begins to receive an entry into our draw to win an Apple iPad. Online registrations will also receive an additional entry into the separate draw on the day you attend. More information on the prizes up for grabs is coming soon.

The daily prize draw will be drawn at 3:00PM in our hospitality area on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 5:00PM on Thursday. The winner of the iPad will be drawn on Thursday at 5:00PM. Entries will be valid upon checking in at our Open House and all winners will be drawn at random.

Terms & Conditions

What to expect

Star GB's Open House gets bigger and better each year, bringing new technology, inviting new partners and welcoming visitors from across the UK and Ireland. Watch MTD CNC's coverage of the Open House below.

Partners at the Open House

Star GB's trusted partners will be at the show demonstrating their latest advances in tooling, software and ancilliary equipment. Many of our partners will be contributing to the prizes up for grabs at the show and will be happy to answer any questions you have about the services and products they offer. Demonstrating the very latest in automation and machine utilisation, Fanuc will be exhibiting a pick-and-place robot in conjunction with Renishaw's post-process gauging system.

Open House Event Details

The Star GB Open House spans over three days to give flexibility to visitors with busy schedules. Each day we welcome visitors between 9:00am and 6:00pm - lunch will be served with complimentary refreshments throughout. Free parking is available on-site and visitors are welcome to stay for as long as they wish. Use the 'add to calendar' button below to automatically add the Open House dates to your calendar in Outlook, Google, Yahoo or Apple.


Tuesday 8th October
Wednesday 9th October
Thursday 10th October

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The Open House visitor hours are between 9:00am and 6:00pm each day

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Star Micronics GB, Unit 1, Riverlands Business Park, Raynesway, Derby, DE21 7BZ

Where to Stay

There are several hotels close to our Technology Centre for guests staying overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about attending Star GB's Open House.

Star GB's annual Open House gives visitors an opportunity to experience the very latest innovations, knowledge, creative solutions and industry updates. Welcoming a large number of subcontract machining companies and OEMs each year, the Open House gives guests a platform to speak to industry experts about the latest methods, technology and equipment which could benefit their production.

Visitors are welcome to attend as many days as they wish. Local accommodation for guests staying overnight can be found on our accommodation page. Please ensure you register online to ensure we are able to cater accordingly.

Each company is welcome to invite as many guests as they wish to our Technology Centre. Please ensure you register online to ensure we are able to cater accordingly.

Absolutely not - you don't need a Star machine to visit our Open House, nor do you need to be a sliding head user. We encourage all types of visitors to join us, whether you're a director, engineer, programmer, apprentice or simply have an interest in manufacturing.

Vistors are welcome to bring along parts and drawings to discuss with our applications team and private rooms can be offered to accommodate sensitive information. If an NDA is required, please let us know before the event to enable us to draft a suitable agreement.

The Open House is an educational event which gives Star GB and our partners the ability to share our innovations with the industry. It also gives our visitors a platform to openly share knowledge, industry news, market conditions and more. We appreciate that many visitors come along with the intent of investing in a new machine - however those joining us to benefit from the insight into the latest technology and to meet other guests are equally welcome and will not be expected to invest.

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