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Trade-in your SR-20R, SR-20RII or SR-20RIII for a minimum value of £15,000* towards a brand new SR-20JII Type B or SR-20RIV Type A/B machine package. Future-proof your business and open new opportunities with the very latest in sliding head technology - offering advanced capabilities, improved efficiency and maximum productivity.



The SR-20RIV is one of Star's most popular machines in the 20mm class, providing exceptional machining performance and versatility.

Up to forty-one tools can be mounted including six tools on the B axis tool post and the flexibility of the SR-20RIV is further enhanced by its ability to switch between guide bush mode (Swiss type) and non-guide bush mode.

  • Standard machining diameter 20mm (22.2mm opt)
  • Z1 stroke of 205mm in Swiss mode
  • Switchable between GB & NGB
  • Manual (Type A) / programmable (Type B) B-axis
  • Main and sub spindle speed 10,000 rpm / power 3.7Kw
  • Star Motion Control
  • 8 Station sub-spindle


SR-20JII Type B

The SR-20JII Type B represents the latest evolution in 20mm sliding head machining – and the most advanced technology of its type on the market.

Improving upon the long-serving SR-20J model, the SR-20JII Type B offers increased rigidity, enhanced accuracy and expanded versatility through a combination of improved engineering and additional functionality.

  • Standard machining diameter 20mm (22.2mm opt)
  • Z1 stroke of 205mm in Swiss mode
  • Switchable between GB & NGB
  • Dovetail slideways for the X1, Y1, Z2 and Y2 axes
  • Main and sub spindle speed 10,000 rpm / power 3.7Kw
  • 8 Station sub-spindle


Star Machine Package

This outstanding trade-in package comes with delivery, installation, training, FMB Turbo 2-20 bar feeder, LNS Turbo MH500 swarf conveyor with filtration to 500 microns, HFT chip-breaking software, NC Assist programming software and one free service after 12 months. This package also includes decommissioning and removal of your existing SR machine.



Upgrading to the latest technology allows your business to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge. The latest models from Star offer increased power for higher metal removal rates, more tooling configurations to suit a wider variety of applications and additional CNC control functions for easier programming and faster set-up.

High-performance CNC control

Additional features for faster set-up

More power for faster throughput

More tooling configurations

Increased process overlap

Guide bush / non-guide bush modes

Latest Star technology

In-depth training package

Comprehensive support from Star



* Trade-in value subject to condition. Machines must be in working order and a full valuation will be provided upon inspection. Star GB reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.

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