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Video: Why KADEL Engineering invested in their third Star


Would you take the risk of buying a brand new machine without having any work for it? KADEL Engineering did!

Tom Skubala of MTDCNC interviews Paul Rollins of KADEL to talk about their latest investment in a third Star sliding head machine. Paul shares how the investment has paid off after only three months in, allowing the family-owned precision engineering subcontractor to increase capacity and achieve high accuracies within a compact footprint.

KADEL make parts for different industries, including trains, oil & gas and Formula One. Because most of the parts are less than 20mm, KADEL decided to go with a 20mm sliding head machine. Their purchase may have been risky, but Paul believes buying a new machine tends to breed work, and that’s exactly what KADEL have experienced.

Find out more about the incredible investment that allows them to easily set up and run small batches of various components with accuracies down to 6 microns!