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Star GB stock a wide variety of JBS collets. Collets are manufactured from AMPCO a brass / bronze alloy material and can be supplied to suit round, square, hexagonal or any profiled material. When running abrasive materials the collets can be NITRIDED for extra wear resistance.


01 TYPE = Ø28 x 40mm

02 TYPE = Ø33 x 40mm

03 TYPE = Ø42 x 50mm

06 TYPE = Ø48 x 60mm






The JBS "Classic" guide bush suits a majority of applications. All JBS bushes have an adjustment range +/- 0.3mm.

"Bar size" guide bushes available for increased accuracy.

JBS Standard precision bushes with runout < 0.02mm.

JBS Ultra precision bushes with runout < 0.01mm available on request.

The JBS guide bush in the adjacent picture has been supplied with an extended nose to provide additional support for small diameter bars.

Special guide bushes (collets) with stepped diameters for "billet" loaded applications can also be supplied.

The JBS guide bush in the adjacent picture has been supplied with a built in protective cover. Suitability depends on the TYPE of bush and the size to be clamped.

Alternatively, nose caps are available which also reduce swarf ingress, these nose caps replace the standard nose cap and are manufactured to suit one material size.

SDK guide bushes further reduce swarf ingress into the JBS assembly. These bushes are available in:

Standard precision with runout < 0.02mm
Ultra precision with runout < 0.01mm
Ultra Ultra precision with runout < 0.005mm

In addition these bushes can be supplied with a BL coating for extra wear resistance or with CARBIDE inserts for the ultimate service life.