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Emmaco UK Ltd

Emmaco U.K. Ltd was established in 2005 as a specialist supplier of high speed electro spindles & machine process monitoring systems. Emmaco supply all industries sectors including: aerospace, automotive, medical and general engineering subcontractors and can offer standard systems / designs or custom made systems to suit customer requirements.

The machine monitoring system was specially designed for sliding head lathes to help maximise production and increase unattended machining times. The monitoring system can detect tool wear, tool breakage, faulty parts and machine faults automatically stopping the machine tool before faulty or scrap parts are produced.

Argotech Machine Process Monitoring System

This advanced control / monitoring system utilises high precisions sensors that are installed on the machine tool to monitor power, vibration, sound and force. During the machining process the sensor signals are converted by the system to produce a signal trace on the control screen. Upper and lower limits are set using the signal trace on the control unit to monitor the machining conditions. Should the machining conditions change the system generates the appropriate machine action such as machine alarm or feed hold.


  • Un-manned running
  • Lights out machining
  • Increased tool life
  • Increased up time
  • Eliminates production of scrap parts
  • Simple programming & operation
  • Real time process information
  • Wear trend analysis
  • LW 1 – SW2 Power sensor

    The power sensor is typically used to measure power consumption of the spindle motors plus X, Y and Z axis motors.

    These sensors offer a good all round monitoring solution for applications including: turning, milling, drilling and tapping.

    Typical sensitivity

  • Drill breakage from 2mm and above
  • Drill wear from 3mm and above
  • Turning operations from 0.2mm and above
  • Live tooling from 1mm tools and above
  • KSS Acoustic Sensor

    The acoustic sensor listens to the high frequency sounds that are generated during the machining process.

    These sensors are typically used for very small or highly sensitive monitoring applications

    Typical sensitivity

  • Drill breakage from 0.1mm and above
  • Drill wear from 0.3mm and above
  • Turning operations from 0.01mm and above
  • LW1-Pro High Sensitivity Power Sensor

    The LW1-Pro power sensor is used when very low power consumption is being used, or when there is a very small difference in power to be measured during the machining operation.

    Typically used with our High Speed Spindles or highly sensitive monitoring applications.

    Typical sensitivity

  • Drill breakage from 0.125mm and above
  • Drill wear from 0.3mm and above/li>