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October Open House to focus on productivity

October Open House to focus on productivity

Star GB announces its most advanced open house event yet from 8th – 10th October at their Technology Centre in Derby.

Running for three days from 8th – 10th October, Star GB’s open house is an educational event packed with the latest innovations, expert knowledge and networking opportunities. Welcoming visitors from across the UK and Ireland, guests will gain an insight into Star sliding head technology with a special focus on automation and Industry 4.0 solutions.

On display will be the UK premiere of a brand-new 38mm sliding head lathe following its unveiling at EMO Hannover. In addition, an array of Star’s most popular machines including the ST-38, SR-38 Type B, SR-32JII Type A, SR-20RIV Type A, SB-20R Type G, SV-20R and SW-12RII will be on show producing demonstration components.

Each machine at the event will be equipped with the revolutionary High Frequency Turning (HFT) swarf control software, developed by Star to increase machine efficiency on difficult-to-chip materials. HFT works on any linear axis on any channel and is the only chip-breaking software of its kind which is capable of being fitted to both new and older Star models dating back to 1996.

The very latest in Industry 4.0 machine monitoring systems from Star will be set up at the event using live data from several machines operating in the showroom. SMOOSS-i is a powerful web-based application which allows the remote monitoring of up to 100 FANUC controlled CNC machines (with FOCAS software) via PC, tablet or smartphone. The software provides a real-time analysis of machine status, cycle time, part count, production rate, production history and tool life, with the additional benefit of email notifications for any important machine alerts.

The popular NC Assist programming software will also be on display with Star’s engineers showing how quickly and efficiently CNC programs can be generated via its simple conversational interface.

Demonstrating the latest technology in the rapidly-expanding automation market, FANUC will be exhibiting a pick-and-place robotic cell designed to maximise machine utilisation, in conjunction with Renishaw’s post-process Equator™ gauging system. A further range of Star GB’s trusted partners will also be supporting the event, showcasing their latest advances in tooling, software and ancillary equipment.

Star GB’s applications, service and sales team will be on hand to share their technical knowledge, giving existing and prospective users advice on getting the very best out of the technology on offer. Visitors will be welcome to discuss future investment plans, technical drawings and the various schemes in place to make upgrading their equipment more affordable – including the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA), a range of finance options and exclusive trade-in offers.

Stephen Totty, Star GB’s Managing Director says: “This year our Open House will focus on raising awareness of just how valuable Star technology can be to a wide variety of manufacturing companies. We want to help all companies maximise productivity, reduce cycle times and increase profitability to keep British manufacturing strong for years to come. A pivotal element of this will be harnessing the full potential of sliding head machining through education and knowledge sharing.

The diversity of applications made possible using Star technology continues to grow with more engineers realising that the capabilities of sliding head machines go far beyond simply turning and drilling. With demand increasing for more complex applications and improved process efficiency, Star will be showcasing new technology to increase automation, lights-out running and process control.”

The event has an open invitation to all types of visitors regardless of whether they’re an existing sliding head user – and Star GB are encouraging everybody to join them to learn about sliding head technology from directors, engineers, programmers, apprentices or simply those who have an interest in manufacturing.

Star GB’s Technology Centre is located in Derby alongside the Rolls-Royce factory on Raynesway and is easily accessible from the A52 and the M1 with dedicated parking. The event opens at 9.00am and closes at 6.00pm each day from Tuesday 8th October through to Thursday 10th October, with refreshments and lunches provided for all attendees.

Those wishing to attend are able to register online at; email: or telephone: 01332 864455.