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CNC data have developed award winning software tools for production engineers and managers to connect machines and devices in order to monitor, report and share real time productivity data.

Our software tools are fast to implement and easy to use providing you with real data of your machine’s productivity. This information helps to improve analysis and production process management, with visual updates on outputs and key events; as well as improve forward planning by identifying potential efficiency gains to be had, from capital and process improvement investment.

CNC Reporter

CNC Reporter is a “Process Monitoring” application that allows “real-time” collection and reporting of measurement (probing) data and other machine performance information direct from your CNC machine tool.

CNC Reporter Features

  • Real Time data collection through various CNC communication methods
  • Automatic Creation of inspection / measurement reports for every component in a batch
  • Generate SPC control charts based on toleranced features instantly
  • Pick out trend information of tool wear (both roughing and finishing) and identify part / fixture movement in cycle
  • Red Amber Green “RAG” Overview allows identification of all information in a single glance
  • Data is written to SQL database in Real Time
  • SQL database allows creation of a complete history of all CNC Results
  • Customize the reports to suit your company requirements
  • USB powered traffic light available from Werma for high visibility of out of control processes

CNC Connect

CNC Connect is a browser based software product which monitors machine and device activity. Data is collected via your server, into our Database via Ethernet through wired/wireless connection.

Our SQL database then monitors the data from machines also across time to deliver meaningful reports. We can go a step further by delivering these results via dashboards onto your desktop, tablets or mobiles using engaging visual analytics in graphs, charts using Excel interface. CNC Connect is fast and easy to implement on your Star CNC.

CNC Connect Benefits

  • Immediate: Visibility of what your machines’ productivity
  • Short term: Better understanding of how manufacturing events, time and external influences
  • Ongoing: How capital investment and process improvement initiatives may improve productivity over time.

  • CNC Connect Features

    • Measure productivity using industry standard OEE.(overall equipment effectiveness)
    • React to performance and quality losses
    • Categorise machine Availability & Downtime
    • Communicate your manufacturing productivity real-time
    • Get notifications on your desktop, via email and mobile
    • Comment on manufacturing events
    • Enterprise Reporting On Microsoft Excel
    • Software available “On Premise” & “On Mobile”
    • Software is available via local and/or cloud solution
    • Accessible via web browser, mobile or tablet