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The JBS flexible guide bush system is the ideal solution for running inconsistent bar stock on a sliding head lathe. Such material would normally seize in a traditional guide bush but the JBS system with its automatic adjustment allows inconsistent material to pass through without problems. The clamping is controlled via M-codes from the CNC program, and the clamping force is easily adjusted via pneumatic valves. The unit suits all manner of materials and provides maximum stability for both turning and milling applications.


  • Bar stock does not seize
  • Guide collet is synchronised to the spindle and automatically adjusts to the size of the material
  • Flexible guide collets with +/- 0.3mm range
  • High precision collets available with runout < 0.02mm
  • Fast changeover from collet to collet (max 3 minutes)
  • Simple and repeatable setting and adjustment
  • Stable and consistent material support allows maximum metal removal rates
  • JBS system can be adapted to suit any sliding head lathe