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Star FMB LSK 38 Bar Feed

The FMB LSK 38 bar feeder suits bar diameters of 5mm up to 42mm.

The LSK 38 can be supplied to support bar lengths: 2.2, 3.2 and 4.2m. The LSK 38 was designed to reduce the "unsupported" distance between the guiding support channel and the lathe collet. This unsupported distance is reduced by connecting FMB's patented moving guide channel to the rear of the head stock. The guide channel is mounted on linear rails, this allows the guiding channel to move in tandem with the Z axis providing optimal support for the material.

The LSK 38 operates on the principle of a two-stage feed. The swivelling pusher means that a very compact, space-saving construction can be achieved. The solid machine bed of grey cast iron also ensures the necessary stability, especially for the precise machining of larger material bar diameters.

Star FMB LSK 38 Bar Feed


DIAMETER Diameter 5mm-42mm
LENGTH Length 2200mm / 3200mm / 4200mm
CAPACITY Diameter 240mm


  • Easy to operate with removable pendant
  • Simple start-up routine
  • Fast bar reload routine - bar change time 30 seconds
  • Suitable for round or profiled material
  • Simple capacity set (guide channel) change over
  • Optional capacity sets: 10, 15, 20, 25, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44


LSK383812 (2.2M)4812 (3.2M)5812 (4.2M)
Star GB FMB Micromag up to 18mm - Dimensions

FMB Bar Feed Channel diagramThe channel is filled with oil from the storage tank. The rotation of the bar creates turbulence which keeps it the centre of the channel. The higher the rotation speed the better centralisation effect therefore the magazine will help the lathe to achieve optimum cutting conditions.