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Our engineering team work closely with customers to develop and enhance production processes on Star equipment. From cutting data recommendations, engineering bespoke tool holders to providing customised CNC macro programs, our experienced team are available to assist customers with their most challenging applications.

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Star GB's reputation for delivering successful turnkey solutions is well founded. For years Star's leading edge technology combined with our knowledge, experience and pragmatic approach to problem solving has benefitted many companies across many industry sectors.

Our engineers work closely with all the leading cutting tool suppliers to provide the most cost effective cutting tools for the machining application. Star GB also stock a vast range of work holding and ancillary equipment that ensures our engineering department have all the necessary equipment to deliver turnkey solutions on budget on time.

Delivering a robust / stable production solution that can manufacture our customers components to the highest quality is our top priority. Star GB guarantee to supply the most efficient turnkey solution in terms of setup time, cycle time, tool life and machine management.

For more information, email us at:

Programming Help

Star GB’s engineering team are available to assist with any programming query. From simple programming assistance over the phone to complete program generation our experienced team is on hand to ensure customers can effectively program even the most challenging parts.